Mac, Drupal and XAMPP

Loving XAMPP . It’s a kin to having the messiah arrive in Trafalgar Sq without media coverage.

The team on suggested I use XAMPP when I asked for a replica dev environment on my shiny new Mac. As I used to have a 10 page installation guide for Digital Deli (a LAMP setup) I was somewhat reticent to embark on this adventure. Especially on a mac, which reminds me of the La Nausée opening chapter by Jean-Paul Sartre

Firstly check out . If you are also installing Drupal then ignore it’s flipant remark of getting the latest version. Instead get the one that has a php version in line with the Drupal you want.

So I used version o.7.1 which uses php 5.2.9 and drupal-6.15. As did the dev team at

As a slow newbie it took me a couple of hours to find the sexy self installing version in the complex folder structure on sourceforge. Scroll down to XAMPP for mac and download the dmg version.