Whatmsyize.com launches a new site

We have launched a new Drupal website and are having a party ! Drop me an email if you are missing an invite and here is our hot of the presses, press release.

TSB winner Whatmsyize.com launches new site

Whatsmysize.com launch: Welcome to frustration free online shopping.
Whatsmysize.com launch: Welcome to frustration free online shopping.
Whatsmysize.com is an online clothing size calculator, with sizes from a wide selection of brands. Today we’re pulling back the virtual curtain on our improved fitting room in your sitting room, free from surly attendant, hall of mirrors trauma and hideous lighting.
While at Figleaves.com, Whatsmysize.com co-founder Anne Currie noticed that revenues could be significantly improved by reducing the level of product returns.  She worked out that customers tend to purchase the same item in several sizes, and return all but one. As this is frustrating for both shoppers and retailers (stock is often returned in non-saleable condition or after a season ends, and no-one likes  post office queues), and with research showing that sizes vary up to two sizes between UK high street stores, it became obvious that a better solution was needed.
This is where Whatmysize.com steps in to save the day. We’ve created a virtual multi-brand fitting room, where we collect detailed measurements from the customer and provide a list of sizes based on accurate sizing information provided by retailers. With the launch of our new site, shoppers can use our Search to find whatever they’re looking for, and we’ll scour the web and show them what’s out there, in stock, in the size they need, and email them when new items are added. When they’ve found what they want, purchases are just a click away. It’s like a highly intuitive and helpful personal shopper, and they won’t have to stand in an enormous queue to get in either. And reducing the need for returns to the retailer means that everyone’s a winner.
Speaking of winners…..
Whatsmysize.com won the Technology Strategy Board Competition:Feasibility Studies for Digital Britain. Delighted to have been selected, we used the funding for high level research and development work to improve on our original site and calculator. On the new site, shoppers can now take full advantage of the services outlined above, a wider selection of retailers and an improved design. All of which calls for celebration, so email us if you’d like to come along to our London launch party on April 14th.
The Whatsmysize.com Team
Let’s get the introductions out of the way. The girls at Whatmysize.com are a strong management team of three. Anne Currie, Co-founder, has over twelve year’s experience of delivering software solutions. Until recently she was Head of IT at Figleaves.com, the world’s largest online retailer of branded “intimates” (undies, swimwear, sports & sleepwear). Co-founder Kavita Kapoor runs a consultancy working with big names such as CNN on interactive TV and Figleaves.com on the web. She co-founded Digital Delicatessen (a social networking film site) and Journey Ant (a travel site), and previously spent several years at Channel 4 serving as Applications Architect. As the newest member, Keri Webster’s twin passions of writing and shopping make her ideally suited to her role as Content Manager. Previously working for a diverse array of clients ranging from playboy.co.uk to the Japanese Government, Keri is our fashion obsessive, and is wholeheartedly dedicated to conducting as much ‘research’ on online shopping as her bank balance will allow.
The team is dedicated to providing a service as well-tailored to your sartorial needs as possible. Whatsmysize.com: A fitting room in your sitting room.