Marketing and the TCK

The World Cup is on. As a TCK this should be easy I live in England and my parents birth country didn’t qualify. However as I am visiting South Korea I want my host nation to do well. Even more gut wrenching NYC my preferred second home means USA is high on my list and will be riding higher that England in their shared group based on the first game performance. Complicated as this is for the  TCK squared it is also a huge opportunity for people with a product to sell.

TCK’s group have an interesting demographic. They come from well educated semi affluent backgrounds because TCK’s  parents are often on secondment to the new countries for work knowing they would go back home eventually (See wikki).  And I am guessing that due to the travel TCK’s are early adopters of communication devices such as Skype and international text messaging. I know from experience that unlike business travelers TCK’s engaged with the local culture consuming media and products from several nations. However the definition of TCK is that they are close to other TCK’s picking up ideas and products from each other.

My suggestion is to consider this a excellent test market for new communication technologies and internationalisation of your current product. Once upon a time I observed that my Indian and Hong Kong Chinese TCK friends would be passing stacks of M&S shirts to their families where M&S hadn’t arrived. Is it any wonder M&S have had real success in India when they finally opened a local store.

Republic have range of World Cup T’shirts for a variety of nations. As a TCK I won’t be able to buy one to represent my mixed up support unless of course I can give up and  get a Brazil shirt just for the nice colours.