TCK Squared.

I write this blog from an American Airbase in Korea while on vacation. Wait, I mean holiday.

While I am taking a break from business and technology things observing 3rd Culture Kids (TCK) up close means I am not taking a break from ideas.

TCK was coined back in the 60’s for children raised in another culture than there parents. By grouping themselves with other local based children from other different parents they form a new third culture. Like the kids here on base or my own upbringing. In the 1990’s I called my TCK friends Internationals. However when I saw TCK used for the first term (a joke passed on from my “North America/Indian TCK but now holding a UK passport” friend) the term had warped to mean adults who lived in culture that wasn’t their parents and were raised in a 3rd culture entirely. Lets call them TCK Squared.