Comments on Free Pixel

I am just collecting the various comments (I like) on the Free Pixel film in one place;

rob_white “I’m prepared to be convinced, I just can’t envisage “free pixels”, they will always be bound even if the boundary is flexible”

Roghaydonmitch “Those of us with gifts and power to link imagination and technology could devote ourselves to making it freely available”

followdontstalk “Check out — Free Pixels… wow! this is my media teacher loool but well worth a watch! :)”

Net (on facebook) “My favourite bit.. “like so much silver dust”. Pause … Cheeky grin. Great!”

C Gyford (on facebook) “Free the pixels imprisoned in yet another horrendous miscarriage of justice!”

R Marr (on facebook) “Nice 🙂 As Frank Herbert shows in his Dune books, when the form of technology surpasses its functional requirements strange things will happen!”

J-J Guest “Amazing – love the music and well done for getting that 281 frame effects shot done on time!”

D McAdam “I really loved the poetic quality you guys put into the script and the effects were very sweet, bringing the “freedom” to life.”