Future Technology for Mobile Phone’s

I have spent the summer looking at how we could create a mobile phone of my dreams (and hopefully yours).  The results of which feature in a small concept film called Free Pixel.

My research focuses on the geometery of the mobile phone (or form factor). History has produced a series of phones which are rigid or have a moving part (such as flip phones).

I however am looking for form factor that is extensible, a single device that has a display that is the size I require to do the job in hand.

This Samsung phone is a great starting point. I love how is looks like an old ‘skool’ (by which I mean 2003) phone and folds open into a square screen.

For a number of years my friends and some clients have been waiting for a paper like digital screen to replace their newspaper and books. These screens are robust and have great display for example sony have a form factor that they are showing off currently.

Our research also led us to Displax product Skin. It is completely transparent and works on surfaces that are also transparent such as glass. This hardware operates via a grid of nanowires embedded Skin’s polymer film. Each time a user makes contact with the surface “a small electrical disturbance is detected allowing the micro-processor controller to pinpoint the movement”.  Probably not likely to make a great mobile phone in the near future. Unless we carry glass screen around with us at all time. mmm maybe.

For a different take on mobile phones what about one that projects tactile images onto the surface of the phone. The New Scientist described one in Sep this year.

So then we turned our attention to projection technology. Firstly I was inspired by this Ted Talk which shows how a mobile phone and projector can be combined to make an extensible device.

And also from MIT is this device which hasn’t had nearly enough online buzz about it;

These project concepts were extended by Mozilla Labs in their concept phone video.

So where is this all leading ? Well I want a mobile phone that really works and made my own concept film called Free Pixel.