Enterprise Architect for the Mac

I adore Enterprise Architect. I have used a vast array of tools for software and network modeling  but none make me as happy as opening up Enterprise Architect. Partly it is because I love UML. However I take a lot of ‘stick’ for this adoration. My friends often mock me suggesting I will one day draw diagrams for getting us all a drink in a brewery. I can’t help it. Once,  while working with a design agency on a paid pitch for the iPlayer interface, I was asked if the stick men could wear outfits.

I am now a Mac user and am porting across my copy of Enterprise Architect. First I have had to install Wine using WineBottler. A double installer. Jolly clever. I dragged the wine box into the folder and then the glass of wine. A nice boy on the YouTube said that I could have dragged both together.

Once done there should be a ‘Wine Box’ icon in the application folder and a glass of wine near the wireless bars. Download the Enterprise Architect exe file and execute it. Wine will kick in, ask a few questions and install it for you.

To run the application, so far I have just used the wine glass and opened up a “File Manager” traversed down to the application folder got cracking. Probably heaps nicer ways but I must get to work on my model before my client complains.

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    1. Thanks Jana, It looks as if you have to pay for CodeWeavers and I shall be saving my Christmas money for an upgrade of EA.

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