Big Cats

Tad obsessed after watching the first episode of the the recent BBC documentary on lions. I didn’t know that lions could count or that they roamed most of the earth some 32 thousand years ago.

I think of Big Cats as fundamental to India. However I was painfully made aware that this is not longer the case. Once on a trip to Jim Corbett’s park I didn’t see a single tiger not even a paw print. Elephant rides desecrated swaths of the so called jungle which was more like a home counties forest found on the edge of a nice cricket field hosting picnickers with their Pimms. Not a vibrant colourful place full of creatures.

The decline of the big cat in the wild makes me sad.

Wild big cats should be preserved and their are countless great campaigns to help. Virgin Airlines are currently showing a documentary on their flights that explores the forest of Burma. The idea is to create a corridor between isolated South Asian tiger communities. In effect creating a highway allowing these amazing creatures to mingle, date and maybe create beautiful cubs.

I have to do my bit. If you have a birthday coming up don’t be surprised if your gift is a Tiger. Adopt a Tiger from the WWF.