Uploading Video on Cisco EOS

My notes for uploading video on Cisco EOS platform. If the video is more than 100Mb  then you’ll have to use FTP to upload (which requires FTP login gained from contacting Cisco).

  1. Login to the Eos admin system
  2. On the top of the screen hit the ‘Library’ tab
  3. On the left hand side choose ‘Web Uploader’
  4. Choose a Group and Folder (I have everything set up into Default Group and Default Folder – but what would happen if I were organised?)
  5. Upload Media (navigate hard drive)
  6. Now I don’t enter a description and title (because it isn’t shown to the public)
  7. Once the red bar completes hit submit
  8. It appears in your list ready to use
  9. Next the video needs to encode – in the deafult list choose to make available on the screen
  10. Once done it sends you an email