Mountain Boarding – Lesson 4

Lesson four was rather amazing but my next session on the slopes went too fast and resulted in a crunched ankle.
We took lesson four at Haredown and just as my martial arts teaches me I decided to set some goals for our instructor Les. We had found that our first few lessons has been the same focusing on traversing the slopes with the toe and heel turns. I therefore wanted to know ;

  1. The Power Slide
  2. Rollers
  3. Haredown’s Blue Run

The Power Slide is the way one stops in Mountain Boarding we were shown it on our first few lessons. However we thought it was to stop by falling flat on your bottom. However learning to stand after the slide and even move to a switch stance is what we spent our time learning.

Next we focused on the Rollers. We were able to take them on slowly building up speed. Till I was able to do this;

The second hour of the class was focused on the top of the blue run at Haredown. Again building each roller up slowly. It was a real thrill to be able to do the run. It didn’t stick mind you and later when we were playing around on our own the conditions rather wet and warm I crashed like this;