Make a Book – with a needle and thread

Don’t just write one. Make one. In the quest to make code sometimes it is good to diversify and do something non tech. Cook. Garden. Make books ?

After all books are the lifeblood of development. When I was small I needed magazines and books for copying little bits of assembler codes. Now google has the answers. Last year when I learnt Ruby I didn’t go near a book. It was some delight that the Arduino hack day this month had books littered around.

The book making class jcn and I attended was part of Selfridges Words Words Words campaign. 

We rocked up and I expected to be shown how to make amazingly bound books. The binding that you only see on your parents bookshelf but never on your own. It was billed as a masterclass. Instead after sitting through an old fashioned grammar lesson John-Paul Flintoff bounced onto the stage to show us a series of books he had made which was rather disappointingly amateur. Bits of paper stuck together to make a sketch pad for poor art work. We were shown book after book and I wondered why I had bothered extracting myself from the computer for an evening. John-Paul’sJohn-Paul Flintoff passion was unrelenting. He continued as the audience sniggered and laughed at this un English display of excitement for the amateur.

It was suddenly our turn. We were shown how to sew a few bits of A4 together. The possibility of designing my own book become exciting. I had no idea how to fill it. I could make my very own notebook and in this health and safty limited world I was been given a needle and thread in a public space. I quickly made a notebook in the time that it would take to plan a trip to Muji for my regular notebook.

John-Paul Flintoff then showed us a one page book that I wished I had for my paper obsessed youth. Immediately I knew how to fill this book and it was exciting. From imagination to reality in minutes.

I am astonished how delighted I was at the end of the session. John-Paul Flintoff was incredibly knowledgeable about book making but chose to focus on what was accessible. I would have been very entertained to learn about mass production hard cover book binding but it wouldn’t have changed my life, but learning about the one page note pad has.

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  1. I have still not figured out how to fill my notebook. The possibilities are endless, which is proving to be a problem.

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