Wrap up: closing ceremony – we are going live to the world – photography exhibit 8th Nov 2012

On the 8th Nov Avi and I held a photography exhibit at The Black Heart. The full catalog is available or below is a little reflection of the evening.

In a digital age where connection possibilities are endless it can be hard to actually ‘feel’ connected. So it was a surprise, that the purchase of my first digital SLR made me feel very much part of the world again. Having a camera in my hand at all times I was now part of the story. Part of the event.

I inherited a love of computational machines and cameras from my father. As far as I remember I have owned a camera. However that changed. A passion for film and this feeling that memories were being tainted by my own still images meant I set aside my stills camera for about 5 years. Then on a IOC business trip to Paris I found myself bored with free time. I resolved to get a HD video camera and as a side effect I acquired a stills camera.

My privileged position in the heart of the machine of London 2012 immediately became intertwined with my new technology. Breaking a toy in the process, Finn and I made a Mascot film shown on the massive screens in Excel to the entire company.
However the stills I saw were limited by the screens I had. Often I never saw them bigger than my 12inch monitor. The Games are big and like my film I wanted to see my images equally as big. So the idea to print big photos was born. Influenced no doubt.

When I met Avi the whole show just came together seamlessly. He had a view from the outside. Looking in. The view of the Games that I worked very hard not to be mine.

There is a another view of the Games that of the world watching the Athletes. So IĀ  approached Justin who had the professional view taking amazing images of the Paralympics which had graced the cover of newspapers.

This was meant to be a celebration and I am super glad Tom Price-Stephens my trusted 2012 college performed bringing his friends. Have I said ? Tom looked really good in the Games Maker uniform.

We held the event at The Black Heart near my home in Camden. It cost 70 pounds to hire and we paid 30 pound of expenses to our musicians. Avi bore the cost of printing as he had recently bought a printer and charged the event 100 pounds. We made 110 on the door.

I learnt so much. Avi was superb at giving me advice on how to crop for effect and was insistent that I added the Local Leaders picture. It turns out that I in turn am open to that kind of influence on my work. Something that would perhaps not happen in the editing suite.

We spent some time debating how the Copper Box picture should be framed and recolored to focus more on the girl or more on the lens flare. In the end I insisted that it was presented as it was and I wasn’t super happy with the printed results. I still love it when I see it on the screen.

Thankfully the rest of the photos I chose did work printed. The night went off without a hitch. People came and mingled. My friends said my photos were great. Which has inspired me to seek out the incredible next time.

It was a magical evening.