Asian Start-ups The future is now – sxsw

Day 4, decided to multitask by wandering around sxsw Trade Show. There was a moment after rows and rows and rows of stands we hit the Asian aisle and I was hit by a wave of excitement.

Here was Japan’s neurowear launching their new product “micro”. Music inspiration from the sub conscious. Sounds futuristic to me but looks like a silent disco. Lovely people wearing headgear making various funny facial movements.

A service I have never thought about before was found in Steve Bealing hands. slogan isFriends don’t let friends listen to crap commentary. As an Australian based in Singapore Steve’s mobile application allows fans to stream their own commentary for live TV sports events. Moving those twitter conversations one-step further.

Also based in Singapore is Alex Goh with his Image sharing solution. Coded and delivered moments before sxsw started. allows photograph junkies like me to share images in an easy way. The cool feature allowing publishers to add watermarks based on geo location at a click of button.

I also found a company with two operating centers in India, Also headquarted in Singapore this very large website provides a holiday home booking service. The service is not revolutionary in fact it reminded me of an early tech startup who had a similar service for the Caribbean. A gentle reminder, that when you live in the future its good to revisit the past.