Networking to find a new Job

I came across an email where I gave this advice for a friend worried about networking. I thought it was good advice so here you go…

Firstly do a list of what you want your next job to include – just a few key bullets. Memories this for your conversations.

Next do an Influence map. Put yourself in the middle and then have bubbles for Work, Study, Friends, Family, Flat mates, Sports etc In those groups start determining the key contacts that you would want to mail your CV too.

Next where you can set up a coffee or a call with every one you identified above, have one key question to ask which is “I am looking for a job that has who should I speak to too to find this role ? ” They may have something but better still they may pass you on to a couple of people.

Follow up with a thank you to the person you met and if required a CV or a Linkedin link.

Keep in contact with these folks even when you are not looking for a job. Especially when you not looking as that is when the best things come up.

Hope this helps (its taken from a London 2012 training course)