Tech Adventure Night – British Computing Society London Central

Being British is ‘Great’. After all its the home of computing with Alan Turing, Raspberry Pi and my Dad. Technology-is-Great-Britain

I thought Britain might be the home of Knitting but Wiki tells me, it was Egypt. Not only that, at a recently technology event I learnt that the classic form of British knitting I was taught as a kid, was inadequate.

The event was the annual British Computing Society London Central hosted Tech Adventure Night and I went because it was hosted by the wonderful Dr Sue Black.

wpid-imag0326_1.jpgMy first session was Knitting for Programmers run by Anke Holst. We looked at knitting patterns as programming language and had a practical introduction to continental knitting. So I did exactly what I do when I am given a new technical way of performing a system admin task I tried it and found myself reverting back to my original program. Probably why I am still using VI to edit HTML code today. Luddite. Having said that, I was just as delighted to realise I could still knit after a 20 year gap, just as I am delighted that I can remember VI commands after 20 years of memorising them.

The second Workshop I attend was the Node-RED on the Raspberry Pi. Watch this video on dinosaurs and tell me you aren’t excited about playing with Node-Red.

I bought a Raspberry Pi back in 2013 on a round world trip from a vending machine in Brooklyn but left it in Delhi with Ankush who promised me he would use it on his fabulous airplane project.

So this was my first chance to hook up my machine to a Raspberry Pi. Dr Lucy Rogers session was perfectly organised and we used the visual world of Node-Red to create a traffic light sequence.

I was going to write up Node-Red in detail but actually I suggest we lobby Sue and Lucy to run the session. This time with Dinosaurs.  So much fun.
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