Don’t Let Aunt Anu Ruin your Life

bookAll aunties are gossipy kitty party attendees and twenty somethings are all bar-hopping. Certainly not the Indian stereotypes that new yorkers have been asking me about this week. It is however the protagonists in the book  How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company.

I stumbled over this self-help management book researching my own bookVarun Agarwal autobiography is a pulp-fiction novel. Chetan Bhagan light if you like. It’s a page turner I wanted to know if Varun got the girl, gets the deal and if he ever braves Any Aunty directly.

In it all I wanted to know if Varun learnt to take risks and follow through on his plans.

Varun and his friend start an online clothing brand. His target audience is his Bangalore school alumni. Perhaps a good reflection of how copying America either in culture or business model is a safe bet in today’s India. This book is as good as any on understanding the nuisances of logistics, delivery, warehousing and brand marketing involved in such a venture specific to India. Varun skill is to explain the stress, the ups and downs and yet still make it compelling. Reading Varun’s book, one is genuinely inspired to follow in his footsteps.

It’s is a fun read. To make it work everyone is characterised with a broad brush we all Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 4.58.48 pmknow a Guju Boy and an Aunt Anu. An Aunt so competitive that she controls your life. The problem with these stereotypes is that women are completely undermined throughout the book. Sexist if you will. Although clearly some women have the power, it’s up to Varun to wrestle it away from them.

And then, there is the boyish writing with its lavish use of swear words and the SMS lingo” The Times of India

If you are inspired to go into business this is a great book. If you are a women and want to date an boy entrepreneur let this book be a warning. Either way its every insightful and really helpful for my less sweary book.