CoreCic Raise the Volume – FundRaiser July 2016

On Thursday, 28 July we held Raise the Volume a secret charity gig at the Round Chapel. I say we I mean Duncan and Danny the founders of CoreCic (where I am a Trustee). The event was superbly hosted by Dana Alexander (nominated for “Best Comic” and “Best International Act” from Chortle and Black Comedy Awards).

The line-up included electro-swing ska band Molatov Jukebox and Lisa Hannigan , fronted by lead singer Natalia Tena. Food was provided by Papi’s Pickles, an award-winning social enterprise that I met at Nesta New Radicals earlier this month. They work with unemployed women from India and Sri Lanka. Local Hackney bar, The Bonneville Tavern, donated their time making the most incredible tasty signature cocktails.

CoreCIC is a charitable organisation set up to provide reduced cost and free osteopathic treatment to those who normally wouldn’t be able to afford it. As well as helping to alleviate chronic pain, a principle aim of the clinic is to research the best and most effective non-pharmaceutical treatments for persistent pain and eventually help determine NHS protocols for various conditions. The charity will also be looking at the use of preventative treatment in vulnerable patient groups such as the elderly to hopefully reduce the personal burden and fiscal costs of living with chronic pain. Alarmingly women suffer from chronic pain three times as much as men yet little medical research is directed towards this and so this evening heard from incredible women who have suffered through pain.

If you are inspired please pledge some money at

CoreCic Fundraiser


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    Great evening!

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