CWT Health and Tech Hack Day 1 – Micro:Bit’s and Beyond

Last summer the charity CORE, the Centre for Osteopathic Research and Excellence, signed me up to help run their tech hack day sponsored by a prominent multinational bank. I couldn’t resist. More than ever, we need to push technology learning for everyone. (read the press release)

During planning we were given amazing support including a donation of award-winning Micro:Bit’s from the BBC. We even roped in my good friend Karen Sandler, executive director of the Software Freedom Conservancy, who spoke about life as a Cyborg and open source software on the day.

The ‘Tech in Health Day’ has three aims: to fulfil the sponsors’ objectives of imparting new technology skills to children; to promote new healthcare software applications; and to build awareness for CORE, a new and radically innovative charity aiming to provide affordable osteopathic care whilst undertaking valuable research into chronic pain and illness. The event entailed a 1-day workshop for Key stage 3 students.

The first event was held at Hackney New School on the 20th of October 2016. Students from the school and the bank volunteers raced against time to create pain monitoring and alleviation devices. The students and staff of the school were incredibly talented asked great questions and produced a fabulous hack. They were very kind in their write up.

You will see from the presentation below that we had organised a demo to create a Micro:Bit’s step-o-meter and WordPress site. From which the teams consisting of students and volunteers came up with a range of different applications (also listed in the presentation). The winning idea as chosen by our esteemed judging panel was a posture corrector, using not one but two Micro:Bit’s.

Core Hack Day


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