CWT Health and Tech Hack Day 2 – Micro:Bit’s and More

Local Newspaper Hackney Writeup

Following on from our very successful Micro:Bit hack day we ran a second day at Petchey Academy.

The ‘Tech in Health Day’ has three aims: to fulfil the sponsors’ objectives of imparting new technology skills to children; to promote new healthcare software applications; and to build awareness for CORE, a new and radically innovative charity aiming to provide affordable osteopathic care whilst undertaking valuable research into chronic pain and illness. The event entailed a 1-day workshop for Key stage 2 students.

We used the donations  of award-winning Micro:Bit’s from the BBC and this time had Anne Currie speak about Medical technology and life as a developer.

CORE Hack Day 2

[slideshare id=70341830&doc=corehackpresentation5-161221144916]


Kavita is an advisor to Micro:Bit Educational Foundation and Tido. She writes about technology and business. She is mostly based in London. You can contact her directly or via twitter (kavitakapoor)