Science Museum Robots

Are Robots going to take over the world ?

Currently Robots have taken over a floor of the Science Museum in Kensington. Jesse and I headed over there  to meet them.

Much like the British Library’s Out of This World Exhibition the curators caught me off guard by starting much further back in history than I was expecting. 16th century mechanised monk. Fish catching mechanical swan gleaming like formal silverware and tin men that worked the various World Fair’s.

By far the creepiest Robot was the Japan Kodomoroid communication android by Osaka University and ATR Laboratories produced in 2014 to read the news. Jesse introduced me to the concept of Uncanny valley. Sadly is had nothing to do with valley girls. Instead it is the idea that human replicas elicit feelings of eeriness. To counter the weirdness Kodomoroid induced, I introduced Jesse to Pepper. Who was super cute and got the pair of them to teach me the American art of fist pumping (we even had to record it).

This exhibition really brought home how incredibly complex the art of creating and adapting humanoid robots are, even before we consider topics like consciousness. Making them walk. Recreating human eyes or skin. All will require a multitude of humans experimenting. Until Robots figure it out for themselves.

The exhibition which is running till Sep 2017 and is well worth checking out.