Kavita is a London based software designer and technology strategist. She is not a Bollywood star.

Introduced to her first computer before she was 5 Kavita was taught to program in basic and assembler. After focusing on games she created her first commercial software at 16. A Bollywood films management system. Although Bollywood wasn’t called Bollywood back then.

After completing her masters degree Kavita trained as a software designer with Fujitsu. She was seconded into a range of media clients including the BBC and Sega. In 2001 she made the natural move in house to Channel 4 Television.

After a sabbatical that involved running around New York with a Super 16 camera Kavita returned to London, to work within the start-up community. During this time she helped co-found a number of start-up’s including the Technology Strategy Board Winner Whatsmysize.com where she is currently CEO and a social media based streaming video platform called Digital Delicatessen.

In 2010 Kavita was given the incredible opportunity to join The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games delivering a range of award winning products in campaigns as diverse as Travel, Volunteering and Mascots.

More recently Kavita was Regional Digital Director for a British innovations agency living in South Delhi and she is now Asian Markets Strategist for Tido Music. As a result last year she was invited to speak at a  TedX themed Bread and Butter in Rajasthan and was inspired to write her first management book.

Now back in London Kavita devotes her energy to the Micro:bit Educational Foundation making technology more accessible to everyone.

Kavita is facinated with changes automation technology will bring. She uses the adage “Humans control Robots that control Humans” and works to help humans choose which group they would like to be in. She is looking to connect with projects and people that ensure equality and education equity at their core.

Kavita holds a Bsc(hons) Business Information Technology and MSc in Internet Technology by Research.

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This is Kavita’s personal blog and doesn’t reflect the views of her employers or the organisations she represents.

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