Now available on Amazon in India  and the UK.

Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Kaam ? Are you happy and for the rest of the time stuck at work ? Can’t figure out your vocation, drowning in advice but secretly working on a business plan or dreaming of being a high flying executive?

Based entirely on practical first hand experience across India “Kabhie Khushi Kabhi Kaam” gives young professionals answers about navigating the dynamic ever changing work space.

We know it’s tough and just that little bit tougher in India. We are competing in a fast growing economy with the largest, youngest work force on earth. By 2020, 70% of the country will be under 30. Currently 90% of jobs we could do are in the unorganised sector (freelance) and mainly cash in hand. Do you really want to join the 3% who pay income tax but get to work in an MNC ?

Whatever you decide to do this book will help you navigate the advice, understand the corporate structures and how to make a great impression on your boss or super boss. Equipping you to be a lot more happier at work.

Now available on Amazon in India  and the UK.

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About the Author

Kavita Kapoor by Nikhil KapurKavita has been working with Indian organisations for the last 15 years. She is passionate about developing potential in others and this, her first book, is a result of her extensive mentoring program over the last 3 years. Kavita splits her time between London and Delhi. (Longer Biography).


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“Kavita’s book is both interesting and insightful. Great job with all the efforts Kavita has taken to provide references for everything. The ones made about Go Goa Gone, Rang de basanti and Moguls were the highlights for me”. Alisha Siddiqui Software Engineer at Accenture

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“Kavita is a rare breed. Good bosses (specially SUPER BOSS) don’t come along very often”. Aamir Siddiqui – Junior Project Manager


“Kavita is an epitome of female charisma. Personified with the apt skills, superb leadership abilities and having innumerable experiences, truly an inspiration to all the women out there. She has constantly shown perseverance in her life and proved that it works wonders!” Aditi Sinha – TEDX Organiser Msc Student BITS Pilani