Kavita was the founder Trustee of a health charity Core. She is interested in equality or education equity campaigns. This is a record of Kavita’s recent charitable work and donations. It is listed here to remind her accounts people to hassle UK PLC or the Queen (whichever) to give these great charities the prerequisite tax breaks. This page is unashamedly SEO friendly as it is a popular page. Each month Kavita considers where she may contribute any hard-earned money. Be aware that her not so hard-earned money is normally drunk or frittered away on those little pretzel packets you get on a plane.

CoreCic Secret Concert
CoreCic Secret Concert

in 2016

Karen and Kavita Software Freedom
Software Freedom Conservancy

in 2015

in 2014

in 2013

in 2012..

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in 2010..

in 2009..

  • Alex swam part of the channel on relay for The Food Chain