If you fancy getting in touch with Kavita you can do so below. If you need a reason, here are some ideas…

– You would like her to speak at your event
– Or you need a new board member
– You need to build a digital campaign
– Or your business needs restructuring and transforming
– You want to invest in Kavita’s start-ups
– Or run a hack day and want an extra pair of hands
– You are moving to London
– Or you are opening an Indian office
– You need some advice about Agile
– Or you need an investor
– You need a whole new technology team
– Or you want some help with an offshore team
– You’d like to buy Kavita lunch

And especially if searching for an answer brought you to this website.

Update – We are really sorry. This form has been drowning in messages and we have struggled to keep track. If you are keen to get in contact Kavita will respond via Twitter. We hope to bring back this form as soon as we can engage someone to monitor the responses.  Thank you.

This site uses biscuits or are they cookies ? explain...

Hello. This site is built in some great software called Wordpress. Out of the box Wordpress uses cookies. These cookies let Kavita figure if it is worth writing some more, as the cookies are used to build the stats page. Cookies also lets you leave messages. If you wish. Not only that cookies make some of the social sharing features work. Gosh it would be super lovely if you used them. There isn't a way to turn off cookies, so sadly you will have to either lump em or leave. Or call Kavita up and get her to read the website to you. Then you can share some afternoon tea, cakes and more importantly, some biscuits. We are telling you so that under EU laws you are all informed. We probably didn't need to tell you as we don't make money on the website. Well you could buy Kavita's book or hire her based on this website and then yes it will be followed up with a request for money, but there isn't adverts or secret nasty click baits hidden in the pages to make us filthy rich or even cover the cost of the server. Anyway we hope this message made you smile. Just a little. You can contact Kavita directly or follow her on twitter.