What’sMySize Infographic

WhatsMySize_Infographic_Nov2014About a year after What’sMySize was founded my schedule opened up and I had the opportunity to join the company where I am investor and  board member. My brief to create a infographic. I had never done one before but had oohed and ahhed at several that I had seen previously.

An infographic it turns out is like a marketing campaign inside a marketing campaign.

By which I mean the graphic itself needs to be designed as a stand alone marketing asset but the promotion of the infographic for launch day has to be equally a campaign itself.

The graphic needs to have a purpose which isn’t simply to inform. In our case it needed to resonate with the retailer (and the investor) who understood the problem we could solve. To complicate matters each element needs to be stand alone as these are the facts that bring the dear reader to scan the rest of the asset. We used a mix of in-house facts and respected sources.  Get it right and you can extract the elements in other presentations.

Launching the graphic itself is like any other campaign you launch. Publish and promote. In our case, direct email campaign to our eco-system and social media shares. A few months later we created a new brand and a shiny new website which allowed us to promote the graphic again.

Times of India Competition

The team I lead in Delhi are rather an incredible bunch of hard working individuals. I am massively luckily to be hanging out with them. It was brought home to me this week when I got a call from Muskan. She has only gone and got herself short listed for for the Times of India competition being run by AFAQs.

Times of India are one of those brands like the Guardian or the New York Times that has been around a long time and gives a country it’s distinct identity, one of its many conversation starters. Thus I am very excited for her.

One of 10 teams chosen from over 120 applicants, the iris team consists of Muskan and Anadi. Both locked in a guest house in Delhi for the duration of the competition. On the morning of July 14th the teams were given a digital marketing brief to work on. For the next 24 hours; they are cut off from the world, with nothing but their creative and strategic skills to come up with an exciting solution to the brief. Mid afternoon of the 15th July our amazing team will present their solutions to a jury and a client. If that isn’t daunting enough the winner stands to win Rs. 100,000 and the digital duties for the Times of India Lead India Programme.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.26.42 pm

iris Worldwide appoints Kavita Kapoor as Regional Digital Director of Operations

In January of this year I deScreen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.24.46 pmcided to take a role at iris Worlwide, looking after their Indian digital team. I am sure I shall talk lots of about it in this blog but for now this is what the local press had to say ;






http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/38844Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.25.36 pm