Extreme Agile Sprint

This week we had a go at an Extreme Agile Sprint.

Russ at Tate Modern
Our desk at Tate Modern

Why ?  We, or rather I, had been doing maintenance sprints over a more classical 3 week period and frankly after 3 sprints or 9 weeks I was bored. At What’sMySize we mess with sprints all the time, I have hacked in sales to agile and talked about its pro’s and cons at conferences and we run 1 week sprints documented in our Playbook.

However the Extreme Agile Sprint was a little different even for us. Was it possible to deliver something useful in a two days ? We thought it might be but needed to be co-located and opted for coffee shops and pubs in sight of the River Thames.

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Hacking The Sales Process with Agile

I was recently invited to give this talk at Agile India 2015.

The sales process is hard. As a business owner, you spend your entire time doing it. Often wishing you were back, cutting code. If you are successful you might have a raft of sales people closing deals under their own process while your product people deliver under Agile. Your worlds are split and often, it breaks. Change that. Apply Agile and Kanban to supercharge your sales team. Get your developers and scrum master in on the action. Unify your company.

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