Kevin Smokler – Practical Classics

Of the 50 books that Smokler invites us to reread I had only read two. Those two I read on the long haul. Delivering large print editions to my Grandmother, who would have devoured them at the time of their publication and has talked about them as close friends ever since. Of the 7 books I was assigned in A-Level English not one was recommended although a few were mentioned.

So there is little for me to reread and I had everything to learn, which made Smoklers book for me a page turner. Each essay is short and packed with ideas and history to digest.

Not enough for me to read these books and essays. At this stage of my life, which almost the same age as author, I am entirely focused on India to look in depth at english language literature at this point.

However that isn’t true people in my life. My little brother once a student of North America will be getting my copy and I have spent the day calling people recommending this book.

Footnote : I met Smokler via jcn at SXSW 2013 and bought a signed copy of his book