Mac, MS Exchange and Mobile Phone Happiness

For the longest time I have wanted a Calendar that works as well as an IMAP e-mail account. Every time I change my phone or computer I spend ages getting set up. A remote access Calendar will save me oodles of time.

After the death of my iPhone, my requirement for a remote hosted calendar become urgent. The obvious choice is Google. Frankly it creeps me out Google will  happily trawl your content in the hopes of better advertising. I know it’s not a sentient application but I wouldn’t let anyone read my diary or correspondence, so by extension, potentially bug ridden programs are objectionable.
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The Bamboo Phone – Free Range Expo

On invitation by emerging new talent Eleanor Litten I attended the Free Range Exhibition this weekend. London based Eleanor Litten is a Graphiste and Illustrator. She specialises in mixed media illustrations using lino print, and technology such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Her awesome illustrations compliment any published material. Also she must have the coolest domain name Her piece in exhibition is a meditative publication. I could easily have spent my time curled up in a corner consuming the illustrations. However that wasn’t an option as this is UK’s largest graduate art and design show and there was a lot to see.

The Bamboo Phone

A couple of pieces really caught my attention. Following the the buzz of creating my last film Free Pixel I have to mention John Peters Bamboo Phone. Much has been reported about the material scarcity in mobile technology. To reduce the use of indium and nikel the Bamboo phone uses electronic ink screens and a bamboo case. John Peters is a 3D designer who studied in South Indian International Schools and Cornwall.

The variety of design, architecture, photography, fashion, art and illustration will keep you enthralled, and with so many ideas fully conceptualised you may even find your next recruit or big idea or both.