Extreme Agile Sprint

This week we had a go at an Extreme Agile Sprint.

Russ at Tate Modern
Our desk at Tate Modern

Why ?  We, or rather I, had been doing maintenance sprints over a more classical 3 week period and frankly after 3 sprints or 9 weeks I was bored. At What’sMySize we mess with sprints all the time, I have hacked in sales to agile and talked about its pro’s and cons at conferences and we run 1 week sprints documented in our Playbook.

However the Extreme Agile Sprint was a little different even for us. Was it possible to deliver something useful in a two days ? We thought it might be but needed to be co-located and opted for coffee shops and pubs in sight of the River Thames.

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Figleaves Reunion Party 2015

“A long time ago we saw the internet coming along and had no idea what it was about and we started doing work for other people” Daniel founder of figleaves told me this week.  We had organised a figleaves reunion party to celebrate the Fifty year end. We also wanted to celebrate the internet company where in 2008 I met Anne Currie, Catherine Hall and Ross Fairbanks and many others who have worked together in various ventures since.

Daniel started an e-commerce platforming company and acquired the figleaves brand to show case the platform. As early pioneers of e-commerce every aspect of the business was new and exciting paving the way for what is now the largest area of growth on the internet.

“I knew about kickers and bra’s” Daniel told me. I think he did.