The Lean Kite Fighting Machines – Creating an online brand in 12 hour

Some businesses you start are not so much of a good idea but a nagging obsession that you can’t get rid off.

As a result of several nagging obsessions I decided to create an online clothing brand, selling actual products. Remarkably Kalari Kites took a grand total of 12 hours to launch. This is how I did it…

Seeds for an ideaScreen Shot 2015-08-20 at 6.15.46 pm

In a book I read about 10 years ago, the 4 hour Working Week, Tim Ferriss describes two concepts that I haven’t been able to shake off. The first is having a self operational business. When you create technology that is available every hour of every day, having a project that is self sufficient is revolutionary. The other concept is testing your ideas quickly. In Tim’s case faking a t-shirt range and publishing it on ebay to see if there is a customer base.

Goal One : Create a business that runs itself

Which means I can undertake tasks that might be quicker for me to complete but would outsource all operational and ongoing work. I decided I would create a website that show cased my products but sends the orders to a partner that shipped the product. In addition I would have to find a manufacturer to produce my products and a designer to create the brand.

The spreadsheet

With all this in mind I got down to researching and creating a business plan. I had a concept, no name, no brand assets and a big spreadsheet. Continue reading “The Lean Kite Fighting Machines – Creating an online brand in 12 hour”

Figleaves Reunion Party 2015

“A long time ago we saw the internet coming along and had no idea what it was about and we started doing work for other people” Daniel founder of figleaves told me this week.  We had organised a figleaves reunion party to celebrate the Fifty year end. We also wanted to celebrate the internet company where in 2008 I met Anne Currie, Catherine Hall and Ross Fairbanks and many others who have worked together in various ventures since.

Daniel started an e-commerce platforming company and acquired the figleaves brand to show case the platform. As early pioneers of e-commerce every aspect of the business was new and exciting paving the way for what is now the largest area of growth on the internet.

“I knew about kickers and bra’s” Daniel told me. I think he did.

E-commerce Platform Review

I’m just back from a couple of big London E-commerce expo’s and I have updated my platform review… these are my top line notes….
[table id=8]

If you would like a full copy then contact me via KSL Consultants. The final document is chargeable but you could try bribing me with a earl grey tea.

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Reviewing E-commerce Web Stats

Recently I was given a dump of raw logs for a large e-commerce website and asked what I made of them. This is what Anne said I should look at;

  • Where are customers coming from ? Define the online retail channels. Are blogs, PPC or direct traffic
  • Which customers are converting (which channel is doing best) ?
  • Where are customers dropping off in the process ?
  • Who do the customer claim to be (gender, age) ?
  • What products are selling well (split by merchandising areas) ?
  • Can the products be split differently (such as by price or region) and does this show a different skew on purchasing ?