Olympic and Paralympics Games Makers wins a Special IOIC Institute award

IOIC Institute award

The Games Makers were given an award by the IOIC Institute and I was bought a very nice three course lunch as a result.

‘The Games Makers deserve recognition alongside our Communicator of the Year because of the way they transmitted the spirit of the Games so successfully and consistently to the people who came,’ says IoIC chief executive Steve Doswell.
‘They epitomise what we have to say in internal communication about being ambassadors, brand advocates and putting in effort above and beyond the call of duty.


My products that made it to delivery included the Games Maker Sale (e-commerce solution selling left over uniforms) and recruiting the 2,000 Young Games Makers.

The key digital campaign predates my time at LOCOG. We attracted nearly 250,000 applications via the Kitsite CMS and the ATOS systems that managed the process of interviewing 100,000 people at selection centers across the UK and recruiting the final 70,000 Games Makers.