Little Black Dress Teams up with What’sMySize

This month we announced What’sMySize launch with the glamorous Little Black Dress.

It is our first SaaS launch of What’sMySize on our Ruby on Rails platform. A big change from the Drupal site that we have been working on ab blogging about thus far on this site.
Below is the text of the release.


A unique concept has been introduced to’s new Little Black Dress Collection, with the aim to help customers and their perfect dress size. The leading party dresses and occasionwear website has teamed up with revolutionary company What’sMySize, to offer its customers the ability to input their measurements and compare them to those of the brand’s dresses, to ensure a perfect fit when ordering. The average dress size in the UK may be a size 16, but even across different high street brands this can vary by up to two and a half inches.

With a lot of British women familiar with shopping online, the difficulty in finding the correct size and inconvenience or ordering multiple sizes and having to return them is something we have all experienced at one point or another; recent research from the Washington Post suggests that between 20% and 40% of all fashion e-commerce purchases are returned.

What’sMySize aims to eliminate that; by entering bust, waist and hip measurements, it calculates the exact size you would be compared to Little Black Dress’s garments, meaning customers can order one size, safe in the knowledge it will t them properly.

Little Black Dress wanted to make shopping easier and quicker by ensuring that their customers are ordering the correct size. Nathalie Gibbins, Editor of Little Black Dress, said: “There is nothing more frustrating for the online shopper to and a dress that they want to wear instantly only to and that once the dress is delivered, it doesn’t t. At Little Black Dress, with one easy click, you can guarantee the perfect style in your perfect size ready for the party season.”

Anne Currie, CEO of Fifty Technology and co-founder of What’sMySize, said she was “delighted” to be working with Little Black Dress: “Little Black Dress customers are stylish, fashion forward women, and for the incredible clothing that LBD offers, a good t is paramount. The What’sMySize app will enable women to make their best choice, and eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming multi-size purchases and returns.

What’sMySize is currently on the new Little Black Dress own label collection at