Twitter Experimental Marketing Results – Live Tweeting Sports

So what happens when you have built a new business in 12 hours? Apparently, according to lean approach to start up’s, you need to do some measuring and review some data. What on earth does that mean ?

As I hadn’t read the books on lean I went with my gut and figured the goal had to be someone placing an order for a product on the Kalari Kites. Which means interacting with some potential customers.  As I built my minimum viable product in 12 hours I decided I wanted to do this stage in the same time frame.

Richard did it but was it really possible to get a purchase in 12 hours ?

Growing Twitter

In the first phase I had launched on Twitter and got a smattering of followers. So I decided to look at tools to grow my following. As SocialOomph‘s name came up in several blogs posts, I set up an account for a free trial. First impression, the interface needs a massive overhaul.  Secondly it was really time consScreen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.34.15 pmuming to understand. I wanted new followers and it took a while to navigate around and find the right menu and start “Find New People To Follow” scripts.  Once set up I waited patiently to get an email telling me the followers has been found. I was looking for people who like India and like sport. The results arrived in a long online list where I had to manually approve users. This was a tedious task. I did this for about a week. Along side I removed people who hadn’t followed me and didn’t seem as interesting as the new followers I had found. This seemed important because I didn’t want the account to look fake as it followed hundreds of people but only had a handful of followers. I found the refining and adding process time consuming and fruitless as no one really followed me back. One evening I manually followed a group of people who clearly were part of a north american university asian group and was able to pick out the sports buffs They didn’t follow me but the did look at the website and retweet some of the campaign (see below) so at this point I called it quits on SocialOomph.
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